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Lead Paint Removal

lead paint removal

Lead Paint Removal


Lead paint removal is the stripping of the lead containing paint and its elimination from the premises. This is, by far, the most preferred and desirable method since it is the complete and permanent solution to a lead dust problem . Any effort to remove or encapsulate lead paint or to replace components covered with lead paint can create lead dust. Lead dust is dangerous to workers and occupants because it is easy to ingest and inhale. Post-abatement cleanup of lead dust can be difficult and must be done with care. Our professionals are trained in safe lead paint removal and safe lead pain containment strategies.

We understand the enormity of lead hazards and realize the importance of tackling them with correct lead paint abatement techniques. Our technicians look at controlling lead hazards with permanent lead paint abatement solutions.


Lead Paint Hazard?


Before 1950, lead-based paint was used on the inside and outside of most homes. It was used to make several colors including white, and was known to dry to a hard, durable surface. In 1976, Ottawa prohibited paint containing more than 0.5-per-cent lead. In 1977, US federal regulations banned lead from paint for general use . In Canada, in sharp contrast, little has been done to address this issue .


What Makes Lead Paint A Hazard?

  • Deteriorated Lead Paint
  • Lead found in friction surfaces (windows, stairs,floors, stairs)
  • Lead found in residential buildings, child occupied facilities
  • Lead paint that is chipping or peeling
  • Surfaces that have lead and are disturbed can create dust to distribute through the air

If you need any help on removing any lead based paint, Power Environmental is a certified lead removal contractor. Our professionals are trained in lead safe work practices of proper containment and removal, thorough site decontamination, and lawful disposal. Proper lead abatement requires professional intervention to ensure the safety to you and your family.

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