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Testing for Lead Paint

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Testing for Lead Paint

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Testing for Lead Paint


Before remodeling an older home, you should inspect our home for lead paint. Here’s is how to administer the lead paint test yourself, and what to do with the results.
In the early days, lead was added to paint to provide durability, the more lead the better the paint. Lead amounts in paint can ranged from 10 to 50 percent.
In the early 1950’s paint manufacturers started using less lead and in 1972 the Federal government began regulating lead content in paint and outlawed it completely in 1978.

Lead paint is generally not dangerous in its dried state adhered to the walls, but it becomes a hazard when its scraped off and ingested, or inhaled as dust. Lead is a highly toxic metal that can cause a range of health and neurological problems. Young children under six are especially susceptible, as lead can easily be absorbed into their systems and hinder the development of their brain and organs. Pregnant women are also at risk as lead can pass from the placenta and poison the unborn fetus.

3M™ LeadCheck™ Swab Demo on Painted Wood and Metal Surfaces

This instructional video posted by 3M shows how to properly use 3M™ LeadCheck™ Swabs on Painted Wood and Metal Surfaces

Worried about lead in your home? If you are living in an older structure you should be informed. Lead can be a serious danger. Through this fact sheet,learn how to test your home for lead

If you need any help on removing any lead based paint, Power Environmental is a certified Lead Paint Removal contractor. Our professional staff is trained in lead safe work practices of proper containment and removal, thorough site decontamination, and lawful disposal. lead paint removal

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